On the Setting

The world is constantly in flux due to my own mercurial nature and inability to settle on any one interpretation. That said, I’m going to use this page as a quick run-down of the setting’s traits, so that everyone is on the same page.


-The world is called “Cemana.” It has two moons, Penumbra and Arcadia, and it is commonly believed that each moon is connected to one of the two “mirror planes.” Penumbra is associated with the Shadowfell/The Gloam, while Arcadia is associated with the Faewilde.

-Cemana initially was at the mercy of various planar forces and entities. When the world was young, outsiders such as demons, angels, elementals, etc. roamed freely, and the native mortal races were essentially at their beck and call. Great primordial wars were waged over young Cemana.

-One set of “outsiders” in particular found great issue with Cemana’s constant warfare, now known as the Powers academically, or the Gods religiously. The Powers banded together, setting aside ALL of their ideological differences (of which there were many). Gods of evil and good, of chaos and law, all worked together to defeat the greatest of the Outsider warlords and create the Masque, a planar barrier that prevents mass planar incursions. The Masque has never been perfect, and holes and secret entrances have always existed, yet Cemana was finally free from eternal warfare, and was free to choose its own destiny, at least in theory.

-The Powers broke their alliance shortly afterward, with the Powers dividing themselves by alignment, domain, and/or the cultures of their worshipers.

-Many outsiders were trapped IN Cemana after the Masque was built. Some changed and became bound to the world, like the Rakshasa, while others never truly acclimated and still long to escape. While Cemana does have truly local spirits, some were originally trapped outsiders who have simply made Cemana a new home. Most peculiarly, many of the trapped outsiders were eventually made servants and associated of the gods. “Good” gods adopted wayward angels, eladrin, and archons, while the gods of “evil” adopted lost demons, devils, etc. This is how some elementals became associated with nature itself, while others are more bound to arcane magic and wizard summoning.

-“Native” oustiders, or those trapped in Cemana by the Masque, are very different from “true” outsiders, those who originate and dwell in their home plane. Some demons, for example, were trapped on Cemana and became part of the forces of the various evil gods.

-The creation of the Masque weakened the influence of the Powers as well, and they are no longer able to manipulate the world freely. They rely on the worship of their subjects, especially their clergy, to power them and to enact their will.

-Afterward, the rise of the dragons occurred, who had waited for a power vacuum to make their move. Soon, they conquered the known world, creating the Draconic Empire. This era features the creation of a “Common” language specifically for the subjects of the Dragons. Eventually, the Metallic Dragons and the Chromatic Dragons fought in a great civil war, and mostly decimated their own numbers, allowing for the rise of the Mortal Era.

-The Worldbreaker War has reduced the world to a damaged state, where most of civilization exists within small centers, typically cities, and most of the wilderness is untamed and rife with peril. The Worldbreaker spell itself damaged the Masque heavily, allowing mass amounts of outsiders to re-enter Cemana.


-Cemana is a juxtaposition of historical time periods, quite intentionally. It is in a dark age following the Worldbreaker War, yet technology is fairly advanced. There are skyships, magitech prosthetic limbs, etc. The world is heavily unexplored outside of the settled areas due to the danger of the unexplored regions, yet international trade exists between nations on different continents.

-The nations of the world formed a high council after the Worldbreaker War based in the canal city, Conflux. While it is not perfect, this “over-government” has prevented any true wars from breaking out. The world is far from peaceful however, as nations increasingly turn to hired adventurers to fight a sort of “cold war.”

On the Setting

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