Great White Dragon turned Kobold Necromancer


From what I am able to recall,

At the moment of my death as the Great White Dragon, I was reborn as a kobold among my minions. I cannot remember my past life in great detail, but it comes in bits and pieces.

Adjusting to life as a kobold was difficult. I was naturally far more intelligent that my subservient kobold clan, so I immediately outpaced them all in terms of wit and intellect. The size difference has been a great thorn in my side, and I detest that I can no longer use my massive size against my enemies. I was forced to concentrate on my wiliness to get what I wanted, not that I needed any improvement.

I hated the kobolds because they reminded me constantly of what I once was and to what I have been reduced. Their image is the great cosmic joke of my humbling, and I loathe it entirely. Any reference to my modest form is enough to earn my antipathy, and that’s exacerbated by my inherent kobold weakness preventing most action I may have taken at one point in my long existence.

I left soon after my physical maturation, and with the help of Professor Hakim Amanuel, I was able to install myself into university life in Canal City.

I spurn those who consider themselves greater than me simply because of my size, and I disdain most who consider me their equals.

I understand that my size can be deceiving, but make no mistake.

I am better than you.


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