Chapter 2.1
Mushroom Samba

The party explores the Shadow Underdark, crossing an invisible bridge and meeting a svirfneblin druid in the form of a rat.

The portal to return to the “True” Underdark, however, was under the influence of a strange abomination. Upon being fed magical energy, it seemed to grow vastly in intelligence, allowing passage to the party only if they brought it a magic item to consume. A parasite was planted in Akoar’s skull as a way to solidify the agreement.

The party is lead to Umbra, a druidic stronghold with ties to prisons and thieves’ guilds. It’s a sanctuary of sorts for those wanted by the law but who want a second chance. The druids put the migrants to work in the mushroom gardens or defending the settlement from beasts. The party decides to do odd jobs while the druids search for Sunken Morzar.

Enticed by the pleas of a widow, the party searches for the alleged ghost of her fisherman husband. Borrowing her fishing vessel, the party comes across the “Garbage Barge,” a collection of fungus, flotsam, debris, and rotting trash that sails itself with bursts of spores. The party combats the barge and the fungus controlling it, then learns the true fate of the fisherman: he is alive, but he is currently en route to the “Master Brain.” If he reaches it before the party can save him, he will be assimilated.

Chapter 1.4
Through a Glass, Darkly

The party is able to solve the mysterious puzzle in the cavern, activating a portal in a nearby pool of water. After entering it, the group finds themselves within the Gloam, a mirror plane of shadow and muted emotion. It is a dangerous place, though not a necessarily evil one.

The party presses on, encountering the flora and fauna of the Shadow Underdark. Upon exiting the caverns and entering into the Underdark wilderness proper, the party realizes they are being followed. They hatch a clever plan to bait out an ambush, and catch a group of twisted Duergar. Their madness clouds any ability for a diplomatic solution, and a battle ensues, leading the death of the Duergar and the discovery of a coinpurse, fattened by Dark Elven coins.

Chapter 1.3
Into the Depths, heigh-ho, heigh-ho

The party convenes at the Canal City after making a quick stop at a small village in the countryside which had just been liberated by the Blackguards.

The Strange Council assembled at the University could not ascertain the exact cause of the events, nor could they determine the identity of the mover behind the goblinoid horde, as the messages sent to them were simply too vague.

The Foreigner comes into contact with a drow noble, heir to an ancient temple to She-Who-Weaves. While the site has long since been abandoned, her siblings have both assembled teams to try and break into Sunken Morzar from the temple so as to retrieve an ancient and powerful artifact from the sunken city’s vault. The Foreigner agreed to travel to Sunken Morzar, and the rest of the party was inclined to join him for their own reasons.

The party traveled along the Undermarch, a dwarven underground series of somewhat intact roads. Then, leaving the road into an attached cavern, the party comes across a waiting group of demonic beasts, mutated by some foul energy and lying in wait to kill and steal whatever they please. The party manages to defeat the creatures, slaying the ogre leader before his body was able to transform into whatever foul form it would have taken.

Chapter 1.2
The Green Tide, cont.

The heroes continued enduring the goblin’s twisted event, fighting a small collection of captive gnolls and a hell-hound. The final round was an ensorcelled juvenile white dragon, and upon seeing this, the party tried to convince it to free itself. By damaging it out of its trance and releasing its wings, the dragon turned on the goblinoid masses, assisting the party with busting out of the arena.

Meanwhile, a unit of Mageknight Guardians were drawn to the overtaken fort by an expulsion of powerful energy caused by Jo’zan’s ancient dragonspear.

Chapter 1.1
The Green Tide

Our protagonists find themselves captured by a horde of barely organized goblinoids. While most have been slain upon encountering this strange guerrilla force, a group of seemingly unrelated individuals have been taken captive and forced to fight in a ramshackle arena built from the ruins of an abandoned fort.

The heroes handily defeated both the captive orcs and the swarm of arachnids, while the Dark Elf thief managed to steal a key off a guard during all of the confusion…

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