The Foreigner

A mysterious freelance executioner


A tall, ghostly figure, dawning a mysterious black cloak and wielding a jagged long blade. The Foreigner’s apparel may seem to be entirely for the purpose of intimidation, but a closer look reveals its practicality. The cloak is tight around the joints, and appears to effectively accommodate all the standards a wanderer would need. The hood and full face mask block the wind and keeps the sun’s glare away, the fabric provides ample warmth for the winter, and the small amount of chain mail that peaks out from under the slightly baggy cloak tightly fit around the obelisks figure. Pouches on bandeliers seem completely stocked with vials and containers of rose pedals, flowers, poisons, and the like.

The Foreigner’s attire effectively combines intimidation, mobility, and concealment. It is delicately designed to assure that it’s identity is hidden. Belts and rope tie down the seams of cloth, so to assure that a small mishap does not cause his wardrobe to show the slightest glimpse of its true appearance. Though completely covered, It is easy to assume that the Foreigner has the strength of ten men as you can follow it’s muscular figure throughout the worn black cloth and mail. When caught in the right light, the black leather and cloth of it’s cloak refract white; further confirming the theory that the Executioner is, in fact, a wondering specter, forever seeking revenge for some unknown crime.



“Where it goes and where it has been, the murder follows and ends.

This being travels to kingdoms and towns on the grayest of days and the reddest of hours at the chime of the last bell of mortality, dragging a razor that is always sharp enough for skin and bone alone. On the wooden platform next to the clean block and empty basket, it awaits only those who are with no doubt bearing a black heart. Citizens and convicts alike let the tattered hooded figure conduct its business with absolute silence when it appears. Even the line to the block stands in awe as it pushes aside the local executioner to bring an end to a soul condemned. After the one soul has departed so does the figure; dragging the dull side of the blade through paths the locals formed to the city gates. Into the wilderness it disappears to find the next town and the next victim.

Where it goes and where it has been, the murder follows and ends."

If you are an experienced traveler and have huddled around campfires with strangers outside of woodsy towns in the dead of night, you’ve no doubt heard one of many different legends of this peculiar mercenary; this wondering executioner; this Foreigner.

Naturally, there are many that believe that the Foreigner doesn’t exist. Most of the tales do have inconsistencies. If you did a little digging, and there are those who have, you would find that there are consistent themes and details that hint at the true personality of the legendary figure- though they seem inflated coming from the mouths of ordinary men and women. Who can really blame the tale-tellers for the exaggerations that are whispered through the dimly light campfire? If you saw the Foreigner yourself, you would the next one to be mocked by your companions at the camp once your turn came around to story tell.

In all the tales told of the Foreigner, though, none capture his its true disposition. Only the soft spoken ones who follow the Foreigner after it’s business is finished discover the obelisks odd acts of kindness. They hesitate to call the acts that of kindness solely because of how awkward the word sounds when paired to such a hostile looking being. If the obtrusive observers are not shy enough to keep the weird deeds performed by the Foreigner in solitude to themselves, the ears that receive the story always dismiss it.

The Foreigner isn’t capable of such acts.

Those who are fortunate enough to have been traveling companions with the Foreigner- for reasons as mysterious as the Foreigner itself- would disagree.

With the Foreigners recent activity, there are more questions then there have ever been.


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