Chapter 1.3

Into the Depths, heigh-ho, heigh-ho

The party convenes at the Canal City after making a quick stop at a small village in the countryside which had just been liberated by the Blackguards.

The Strange Council assembled at the University could not ascertain the exact cause of the events, nor could they determine the identity of the mover behind the goblinoid horde, as the messages sent to them were simply too vague.

The Foreigner comes into contact with a drow noble, heir to an ancient temple to She-Who-Weaves. While the site has long since been abandoned, her siblings have both assembled teams to try and break into Sunken Morzar from the temple so as to retrieve an ancient and powerful artifact from the sunken city’s vault. The Foreigner agreed to travel to Sunken Morzar, and the rest of the party was inclined to join him for their own reasons.

The party traveled along the Undermarch, a dwarven underground series of somewhat intact roads. Then, leaving the road into an attached cavern, the party comes across a waiting group of demonic beasts, mutated by some foul energy and lying in wait to kill and steal whatever they please. The party manages to defeat the creatures, slaying the ogre leader before his body was able to transform into whatever foul form it would have taken.



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